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Shake, Rattle and Rhyme

Shake, Rattle and Rhyme provides children’s music, movement and literacy sessions for 9 month-5 year olds. Sessions combine instrument exploration, nursery rhymes and modern children’s songs to promote literacy, self confidence and independence. We strive to encourage children to sprout by providing a safe environment for parents and their young children to sing and be silly together. These activities help to cement bonds that will last a life time.

Shake, Rattle and Rhyme offers many music and movement activities during a session.

My kids are fast to the Magic Bag now. Their confidence has sky rocketed.

-Gabby Dawson-Mum

What to Expect At Shake, Rattle and Rhyme

This is a little guide of what to expect when you come to a Shake, Rattle and Rhyme session at the Kirkgate Centre.  I have included links to some of the songs we use.

Shake, Rattle and Rhyme follows a structure that I have found to work well with children 18 months to 4 years old.  The format is predictable so everyone knows what to expect. This helps children become more comfortable week after week.

  • Hello Song
Words and song at
  • Movement-the activities in the section change every 3-4 weeks so that the activity is learned.
    • “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”.
    • Movement song of the month.
    • Parachute or scarf time.
    • Bubbles
  • Magic Bag–  It never ceases to amaze me how much children love “Magic Bag.”  This activity is much more than singing and memorizing ageless rhymes and songs.  The “Magic Bag” is filled with items that represent a common nursery song.

“Magic Bag” is an important activity beyond learning rhymes. The “Magic Bag” encourages independence, confidence, turn taking and dealing with disappointment.

  • Common Songs in the Magic Bag:
    • 1,2,3 Little Fish
    • 3 Little Ducks
    • 3 Little men in a Flying Saucer
    • 3 Little Monkeys in a Tree
    • 3 Speckled Frogs
    • Bouncing Up and Down in a Tractor
    • Dingle, Dangle Scarecrow
    • Itsy, Bitsy Spider
    • Old Mc Donald
    • Round and Round the Garden
    • Row your Boat
    • Sleeping Bunnies
    • Twinkle, Twinkle
    • Wheels on the Bus
    • Wind the Bobbin Up
  • Good-bye Song

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